Immaculate Heart of Mary School
4913 Schofield Street
Monona, WI 53716

Welcome to the IHM ONLINE LEARNING CENTER (Moodle)
This is the place where you can check your grades, work on your assignments, and send messages to your teacher and other students.

FACTS Information System
Here is where you can see records of student activity, including attendance and report cards.

IHM World Language Blogs
French, German and Spanish Languages, Cultures, and Geography Blogs for 6, 7, and 8 Grades.

IHM's Music Web Site
Here are online music games, performance videos, recorder & symphony resources, and even ukulele resources! 

IHM Library Card Catalogue
Search to find books available for checkout.

Click here for the IHM School Home Page
You can check out the new web site for details on activites, upcoming events, classroom programs, and much more.

You can check your IHM email from home or while on vacation! Then, if you don't delete a message, it will be available in Thunderbird when you return to work. 

Student Art Galleries
Eighth Grade Students at IHM create their own art galleries, displaying ideas and creations from art classes.  The featured work in their gallery is their own oil painting, a major project during the year. For this painting, they create their own stretcher bars and attach their own canvas.

This cloud server gives students and teachers access to created files whether at home, the library, coffee shop, or school. Please use the SYNC folder or WebDAV for editing of files.

Here is a list of games available for students to play.  These games have been reviewed and screened for objectionable content and for COPPA compliance.

This is a link to the testing site used to evaluate student progress.